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Understanding the painter


Art with no rules

“If you really want to understand the painter then just look at his Art”.

Finding your freedom

The good thing about being a painter is because in my paintings i tell exactly what i feel and observe. I have nothing to hide, i do not have to play roles, or change my self for others, i do not pretend, i have nothing to fight about, i do not feel forced to do what i don’t want, i have nothing to prove to anyone, i don’t have to become a “perfect Human” in order to be accepted in our “Human society”,  i do not have a feeling  of a great prisoner and all this is because i found my self lucky  to be a painter and to have this ability to enjoy my freedom at list the moment of creativity.

Cultural Center at Ursulines School – Greece


Art exhibition, art news, Painter - Reghina Gunzurevscaia, PAINTINGS, Photos

Art with no rules                                                                                                                     

Creative art
Art with no rules – Greece

“Listen and feel the time, it has an absolute silence of all the sound together, and an unlimited nothing of everything”.


There is no yesterday and no tomorrow, but only “now”. Enjoy the moment of it and you will see and feel the magic…

Art with no rules – Greece

Moving forward toward unlimited imagination 

A moment of moment – Greece

Art and Humans are connected 



Art with no rules … — at Numφs nectar & ambrosia Epicurean Garden.

Art and Humans are connected.