Painter - Reghina Gunzurevscaia

Art and Humans are connected


If you ask me a question, why i believe that Art and Humans are connected … Well, of course people can be connected with anything they feel like but in my Art exhibition, i paint in front of people because the connection appears through Art. If you think about Artists, for example Paul Gauguin a French Painter, or Marianne North a 19 century plant painter, Rembrandt, even a great philosopher Alan Watts they were all looking for a creative path of a freedom. Gauguin in reality never found freedom in any place on Earth but only in his own paintings. Marianne North was traveling at the most wild places, climbing in the Jungle with her beautiful Victorian dress in Borneo to find magnificent sarcophagus plants and to paint them. Rembrandt died broken and poor, because he has refused to paint all this rich society, he wanted to take a path in order to understand as an artist the real life of poor people and that made him to be the greatest Artist ever. Few years ago i have chose to paint at Art exhibitions and not only because i wanted to connect and to communicate with people at that specific environment, since it was not easy for me to understand people out side of this environment. When i started at first i was scared, then i was surprised and later i never stopped this journey. After so many years of experience I truly believe that Art and Humans are connected the moment of creativity. This journey of unlocked emotions creates a new meaning of Art and Human.

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