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Art with no rules                                                                                                                     

Creative art
Art with no rules – Greece

“Listen and feel the time, it has an absolute silence of all the sound together, and an unlimited nothing of everything”.


There is no yesterday and no tomorrow, but only “now”. Enjoy the moment of it and you will see and feel the magic…

Art with no rules – Greece

Moving forward toward unlimited imagination 

A moment of moment – Greece

Art and Humans are connected 

Painter - Reghina Gunzurevscaia

Art with no rules

Today i have decide to walk in the fields. I took the path which has no path. I walked like a child full of curiosity. I lost the sense of time and was not ready to come back. I had no idea why i shouldn’t stay forever in the path of that child who got lost in the fields . A child who has found his own freedom and happiness, just enjoying the beauty of nature.

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Near my Art studio – Naxos island


Art with no rules … — at Numφs nectar & ambrosia Epicurean Garden.

Art and Humans are connected.