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When I was growing up at the time that the Soviet Union was divided I was observing the people and I could see their fears and their uncertainty, so I started to express through my paintings all the emotions that I had seen and felt. I saw people hiding their emotions and their fear was like a big grey cloud surrounding all of us. This environment forced me to turn inward. Then I discoverd that I could transform all my thoughts into my art. The more i looked inward the more intricate my art became. I started painting birds and planets which symbolized freedom and movement , and through my paintings i want to give the same freedom to the people around me.






                           “A regeneration of the Universe”.

The regeneration of the Universe

Hidden thoughts submerged in an endless fog with no beginning and no end. Human emotions forgotten in time and space as unknown souls in an abandoned castle. Appearing faces are disconnected from the reality of their own existence. It is a surface which hides the regeneration of the Universe.

“New World.


Τhis is a great symbolism of our planet with its two sides like human souls .. The Intense and colorful side is the one which transfers the viewer to another side of skepticism , complexity and invisibly omnipresent shadows .. Its two eyes, the clock and its sound are the only present existence. Humans connected with the reflection of the unending passage to the parallel planets and the illusion leading to an unlimited existence in this finite world. Nearby stars and planets cast their watching reflection upon the earth whose inhabitants are poised to fly away like a butterfly seeking a new, unknowable existence in another level of the stratosphere.
It is a “New World”.



How do you feel now?
How do i feel ?
I feel that i want to scream, I feel that i want to cry, i feel that i want to laugh and to be colorful. I just want to be myself throughout my life, and i want to be free….



“Life is just a colorful fairy tale of magical moments”.

Represents two parts of the human being, evil and good.  I painted this painting when I was 15 years old when I felt very conflicted. I painted it subconsciously and I was experimenting with intricate details but the subject created itself.

“My planet.


Maybe life is just a dream and dream is just a life …


 Life in grave”.     


A silent action which depicts all elements of the Earth. The alluring side of nature with its cyclical evolutionary elements. The polar opposites of good and evil are in conflict for control of the world. .. The cross and the eternal victory of good.

“The Goddess of Nature.


You are inside a kaleidoscope of colors which are constantly revealing a mystical vision and i leave you to discover the world through it …

“Blue bird.

regina_creations_ancient_bird_1“Metamorphosis” – Give life to your dreams!!!

A great symbolism of the regeneration of life, a human spirit and its ability to endure. Thoughts of human beings that never become reality and are buried forever.

“The power of Love.


Love is a mysterious quality which contains all the elements of the Universe. Fish, reptiles, roses, plants, faces, figures are intertwined like our lives and our souls.



A magnificent dance of movements and emotions in the form of centrifugal complexity. Sense of motion with no gravity.. Ethereal energy and a spiritual transmission to the apex of the stratosphere – and an absolute dream of harmony.

“Easter Island bird.


There is no yesterday and no tomorrow but only “now”. Enjoy the moment of it and you will see and feel the magic …




“Cockroach control.

regina_creations_cockroach_controlThe illusion of the symmetry of society while in a subterranean cosmos dark forces are breeding an unlimited infestation of chaos. The elegance and the beauty of the surface disguise the turmoil and confusion that lie beneath. It is a facade that hides the corruption of the world.


“Mother Nature.


This is a connection of unborn souls with the world of nature. Worlds within worlds, layers upon layers and the transition into the essence of life to the unknown known destination.

“The Goddess of Sea.


The movement of the Ocean and the dreamy underwater domain embrace our souls with calmness of the “Sea Goddess”, who travels us into her mystical world.

“Ancient bird.


A tribal chief, performing ritualistic ceremonies against evil spirits, offering sacrifices for a bountiful harvest .

“Asteres Planetai.

regina_creations_asteres_planetaiThis is a time of “Medieval world”, which projects benign hegemony of the galaxy with its elements of astronomic design.

“Metamorphosis on Earth.

regina_creations_metamorphosis_of_the_earthThis is the chronology of the Earth since the beginning of time. A great mythology which depicts unusual figures connected with all life forms. A beauty of nature, an evolutionary existence of time and space, a mother and a child.

  Art exhibition at the Cultural Center of Ursulines School 

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