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Finding your freedom – Art with no rules


Finding your freedom

“No more slavery, neither spiritual or physical. No more masks, no theatre, no lies to yourself, no time to be weak, no time to not be aware, no time to kill in order to satisfied those who are in control of the world, no time to be afraid, no time to fight meaningless wars, no time for a bad energy of the greatest prison which we build to ourselves through any type of form that Humans could, no time to hate each other, no time to underestimate constantly meaningful and creative abilities that we hide and buried during our life, no time to not realize that the reason of this journey named “Life” is, to become a better Human. Moreover, the time that i exist on Earth is my time and i have choose to be what i want to be during this journey…
And i want each moment that i live to be just a free Human!!!

The reason that i like to paint is, because this is how i found my freedom.

The reason that i like to paint is because there is nothing compare to your own freedom. And this is how i found my freedom.


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